Like Why Don’t We Make Inspiring Speeches Anymore?

My wife Kathleen and I visited the amazing exhibit on President Abraham Lincoln at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library here in California this weekend. Done in partnership with Dreamworks Studios, it was an incredibly unique and eclectic collection of Lincoln memorabilia from numerous private collections. During the tour, I was reading one of Lincoln’s personal letters with a group of young men in their twenties. After reading Lincoln’s letter this is exactly what one of those young men said:

“Like why don’t people speak or write like this anymore? LIke Lincoln was amazing, and like so inspiring! Today, like where are the like inspiring speeches from politicians and other like leaders? I just don’t understand the problem. It’s like people can’t even speak well anymore. People from that era like were brilliant writers and could like make such inspiring speeches. I just don’t know what like happened.”

His friends all agreed. That era was like over.

I had to go sit down.


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  • Marcus Warren

    Like, I just had to laugh…like out loud.

  • Simon Dillon

    OMG! That’s so, like, brilliant…

    Defenders of the Queen’s English find themselves facing a losing battle on this side of the pond too.

  • Nick Uva


  • scott wilson

    that is funny…and sad

  • Myron Williams

    and the length of their speeches as you know would never be acceptable in this day of sound bites, yet people stood for a long time and listened and responded.

  • Michael

    Like I love this post

  • Ken Wilson

    Like, Oy. And Vey, even.

  • Andrew Burchfield

    We went and saw the same exhibit while we were in town a month ago. What a truly inspirational moment that was… A true leader to leaders.