Leroy Jenkins is Back on BET

Just when we thought religious TV was getting rather tame, Leroy Jenkins, a healing evangelist popular back in the 1960s and 1970s is back on the BET Network.  In the old days, he was probably best known for his supposed miracle ministry, and he used what he called “miracle water” as the method.  In 2003, while operating out of Ohio, Jenkins was fined $200 after his “miracle water” was discovered to contain coliform bacteria.  Since his glory days, Jenkins has had more than his share of personal and legal problems.

For instance, in 1979, he served five years in jail for conspiracy to commit assault and arson.  Mysteriously, he was later pardoned. In 1994, he was arrested for grand theft but the charges were dropped when he agreed to pay restitution.  But wait – things get even more weird.  Years ago, he married one of his followers, a 77-year-old widow, who just happened – surprise? – to be a $20 million lottery winner.  Jenkins took her to Las Vegas for the ceremony, but a judge later granted an annulment at the request of her legal guardian.

But like all the great flamboyant evangelists of that era, his loyal followers have stuck by him.  As this Inside Edition showed, “I know that he’s a man of God, and that God uses him tremendously,” said one follower. Another added, “I think he’s a true man of God, a true man of God.”

I understand he’s now living in Scottsdale, Arizona.  In 2002, a movie was actually released about his life, entitled “The Calling.”  Try to catch him if you can. He dresses from either the golden age of country music or a lounge lizard in Las Vegas.  I can’t decide which.

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  • Quote: "…healing evangelist popular back in the 1960s and 1970s is back on the BET Network"

    I never heard of Leroy Jenkins before, but it’s not surprising he’s trying to get back in the game, especially when you consider that the game can be fabulously profitable. Just look at the multi-million dollar house that Benny Hinn maintains.

    We have chicanery in the Church, and we have chicanery on Wall Street. Somedays it’s difficult to decide which is worse.

  • Katie Scottfield

    Unfortunately, this is something I have seen over and over and can not understand. I have personally worked with a Pastor that used his position of authority to control those around him. He would often misrepresent the truth and embellish his accomplishments & correct any of those that dared to question his ethics–Others in leadership saw what was happening and knew it was wrong but every one of them would say the same thing as those who followed Leroy—"I know he’s a man of God"–or "I see the annointing in his life so I can’t say anything about his behavior, who am I to touch God’s annointed?" I know that God has not had a perfect vessel to work through and that the Bible is filled with murderer’s, adulterer’s, liar’s, & desserter’s all being commissioned to do His work but I also see where everyone of them were confronted and repented–they were’nt allowed to continue in that destructive behavior–I’m not sure who we should be more frustated with Leroy and/or any of the others that try to prostitute the gospel or those that see it and allow it.

  • Lynne

    So how old is Leroy Jenkins?  I remember him from tv in the 70’s–before the jail sentence.  I see he is still wearing the tux! 

  • invisible man

    Of all people…is BET perpetuating another negative stereotype?

    And is it my imagination that many such "faith healers" (over many years) have similar body language and funny speech patterns? …some are very sibilant, for instance. (Quoting another one, "Can you say ‘baabee’ "?)

    If the Lord is really involved, I would like to know what He is thinking.

    Maybe it goes back to Him using the foolish things of the world to confound the wise.

  • miracleman

    In my opinion, it seems that many people who have responded to this article about Leroy Jenkins fail to realise that there are literally hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Christians who much prefer this kind of ministry to other, more ‘up-market’ kinds such as the Joyce Meyers, Benny Hinns, Joel Osteens, etc who dominate today’s Christian television.

    Not everything appeals to everyone. And in 1 Corinthians 12 it says that the Gifts of the Holy Spirit operate in different ways through different people and in different styles of ministry. Just because we don’t personally like the style of a person’s ministry, doesn’t mean that minister is somehow inferior or worthy of mocking.

    Don’t any of you actually believe in miracles? Let me say this: I have been in the ministry for several years, as a pastor and healing evangelist. I am very familiar with a number of preachers and ministries who the majority of you would consider to be frauds. Almost every healing evangelist you see on TV including Peter Popoff and Paul Lewis (who Phil has done a brief post about) use ‘unethical’ techniques and methods for gaining information about audience members and then relaying it back as if it was a word of knowledge.

    Leroy Jenkins, however, does not use any fakery in his word of knowledge and ministry. Even James Randi, in his scathing 1985 critique of the world of Pentecostal/Charismatic healing ministries entitled ‘The Faith Healers,’ admitted that whereas he found how Popoff, W.V. Grant Jr, David Epley and others faked the word of knowledge and used fraudulent methods in their services, he could not find any explanation, even after thorough investigation, as to how Leroy Jenkins was able to know so accurately about the lives and illnesses of members of his audiences.

    True…in this Inside Edition segment we see him making errors as regards the people that the reporter sent to be prayed for, but no-one can be accurate all the time in the things of God. I am not putting Leroy Jenkins on any kind of pedestal…far from it…he admits himself that he uses bad language, drinks, and has used drugs even during his ministry…he is by no means perfect, as he clearly and purposely shows in his autobiographical movie ‘The Calling’…but please do not just automatically label someone a fraud or presume them to be a charlatan until or unless you know a LOT about them. For example, I have personally known Robert Tilton and he is one of the kindest, most generous, loving Christians you could ever hope to meet and totally sincere in his beliefs.

    In closing, why not actually watch one or two of Leroy Jenkins’ daily TV broadcasts and THEN make your judgment? And also remember…just because you might like to watch such people as Meyer, Osteen, Hinn, Dollar etc…there are plenty of people who would rather choose NOT to and would much prefer to watch Jenkins, Don Stewart, Popoff et al.

    And also, to clarify, it’s not as if Leroy Jenkins is ‘trying to get back into the game’…he’s been on TV regularly for the past 10-15 years at least, primarily on the Word Network, and has had spells on BET previously too. Sorry for the length of my rant and thanks for allowing me to contribute to what I must say is an excellent site and one which I visit several times a week.



      I have one question….Where is the Law and the Gospel? Our earthly bodies are temporary. What about sharing our hope that lies with JESUS. The LORD never promised us that we wouldn’t get sick or face difficulties and hardships. He did give us,through Christ, the wisdom, understanding, insight, knowledge, and hope to endure it. And that ONE day he will wipe away every tear, no more, and no more sickness or death. Let us get ourselves to a bible teaching church.

      I do beleive in the gifts of the spirit. I just don’t beleive that it would be put on television and would be sold for a fee. I beleive in when Jesus said that blessed are those who beleive and have not seen. I beleive people who are in desperate need should make sure they are saved and cry out to JESUS in prayer. Can man heal or is it the LORD GOD? Do we need anyone to touch us or anoint us? Is the hand of GOD too short? Absolutely not! If it is the will of GOD that person will recover, prosper, etc…

      I pray for false teachers and false prophets. I was once led far away by these. The one true LIVING GOD who is incapable of lying saved me from all of that! He warns us repeatedly of these.

      God bless you all,

  • Wondering

    I would have to agree with you. Leroy Jenkins has never
    floated my boat at all. However, I do indeed believe that he has a miracle
    ministry and loves God as I have heard of phenomenal miracles in his ministry
    many years ago.  
    However, I’ve heard too many shady things about him to follow
    his ministry, but know that God uses him. I’m not sure just where the  gimmick sales stuff came from, but it seems
    like most of the deliverance preachers from that era got caught up in that type
    of approach to fundraising.
    I am very careful not to touch a man with even an ounce of
    anointing on him as it is a very dangerous thing to do. Again, I am not
    sanctioning any wrong doing, but I do think he is doing the best he knows and
    no doubt he has faith for the miraculous.

  • Trunk

       Jenkins is mysterious,,,and God works in Mysterious ways…So what if he is making money off of his ideas….It gives people happiness and we all have a choices…If people want watch his shows or purchase his items….Let em do it!!! In all honesty who is he really hurting…..No one….He has found his calling in life and is doing it…He preaches the word of God,.,…Thats the bottom line…Is sharing the Gospel and helping others who are misfortunate….Its funny how all the apostles were critized,,,and people were killed or thrown into prison for preaching the word of God…The world is a evil place…Back then or even now,,,People are still the same when it comes to the Gospel…I think the guy is one of a kind….He is amazing…Thankyou for letting me share….

    • jim

      Trunk I have recently spent much time with Reverend Jenkins and he is one of a kind he speaks his mind sometimes too honestly he has definitely been used of God and if readers don’t believe that they should reread some of the amazing letters above of personal experience.

  • dee

    i have one thing to say i like the way you put what you had to say.. i have seen leroy in the last week in NC i know he is not perfect he never said he was and this gift he has got from god is  double edged.. i have one thing to say some who do not believe in faith healings normally do not believe in god.. he is real and god works threw people and god is real……………………leroy never asked to be one who has the gift of healing and i think if you have not seen him or felt the holy sprit then i guess that is why you do not believe..he who has no spot or blemish go ahead and cast your stones…who god calles upon is not one of us to question…..WE WILL ALL FACE OUR MAKER ONE BY ONE …..

  • James

    I met LeroyJenkins several times in the seventies the vidio of the little girle that her leg grew several inches was just one of many miracles I personaly witnesed also in the same service their was a baby from my small home town that had a feeding tube in it’s nose and had never even cryed, Leroy took the baby in his arms and prayed and the baby cryed out for the first time ever if you was that babies parents you woudn,t care what imperfections the man being used of God had. At least with Leroy he’s not a hypocrit that acts perfect in front of everbody thats watching and then another way when no one is if he has something to say to you you will know it and it don’t matter whose around or watching including national tv. Jenkins dont claim to be God just a man used of God. God doesn’t look for someone perfect just willing to be used and beleive.their has only been one perfect man and the religious hypocrits crucified him,his name is Jesus.By the way the baby I mentioned was confirmed to be healed and made the local newspaper of our town called The Daily Post Athenian in Athens TN,

  • James

    I just thought it might be worth mentioning that the sight that reported a lot of the alegations against Jenkins being a phoney no longer exsist due to a lack of support but Jenkins has continued through all the negative the press has drumed up about him since the seventies,could it be God still uses him and has ways of shutting the mouths of those that come against his messengers that will declair his word and works?

  • mark

    I agree , at what point did we become the judge,If we feel he is miss leading pray for him,,oh wait that would meen we our selves would have to do something like talk to God,,The word says to forgive ,love ,trust the lord ,,Believe me if his ministry is not of God ,The Lord will deal with him,,not us HIM, But if we cant learn to love and forgive ,The LORD will have to deal with us ,,I say let him preach ,,and be glad he is ,,The Lords word will not return void no matter who speaks it ,,and if you cant accept how he is doing it then maybe you should take his place,,again that you for your postt nice to read a post from someone who knows the same lord i do,,,,

  • james yarbrough

    i think this is a good website. i’ve enjoyed everyone’s comments about leroy jenkins. i have a couple opinions of my own. first, being a pastor and growing up in ministry, i have seen the good and the bad in it. no one is perfect and these men and women of god are very human. sometimes we focus so much on the person that we forget that jesus is the healer, not man. now, i believe in the healing ministry and gifts and callings come without repentance.
    secondly, i also believe we should be an example of what we teach and preach. paul encouraged timothy to be an example in the things he taught. even though leroy jenkins is not perfect he is responsible to live what he preaches. not only him but myself and anyone that claims to be a christian. let’s pray for brother leroy and the body christ!

    • jim


  • Stephanie

    What do you mean when you say it is dangerous to touch a man with even an ounce of anointing on him? Can you share more about that. I have had strange experiences when certain people have touched me at certain church events.


  • david

    I had a stroke when a chiropractor twisted my neck.  I thought I was going to die. I laid in my chair looking at the ceiling day after day for months.  my brain was fried.  i was told by my doctor I would be lucky to drive an ice cream truck. Before I worked for corporate America at five different fortune 100 companies i high level positions.

    I had met Leroy in Belize years back.  I sent him an email and he prayed for me via email and asked God to heal me.  Today I made a miracle recovery.  I almost lost everything I had including my children because I could not take care of them. 

    God is Good. Pray out loud.  Go to Mr. Leroys site and watch the healings. they are real.


    • HymanDiamond

      You were on your back in Belize?

      • jim

        Did you read David’s letter ? from your question it appears you either didn’t read the letter or didn’t understand the story

  • Jeremy4you

    i am a christian and have doubts about mr jenkins and other preachers that try put on shows and take money.however reading some post here i have to just act by faith that God uses the dumb to conform the wise and that God uses anyone for His purpose and His will just like He uses me to reach out to ppl who suffer from drug addiction and yet i dnt do drugs but i still struggle and battle.if leroy jenkins is a phony then he will answer to God on judment day he can escape justice here on earth but he will never escape Gods justice and will answer for everything he has done and said.God forgives everyone and every sin except blasphemy of the Holy Spirit…

  • an oldsalt

    I went to his church in ohio . seen a lot of unexplain mircals .in fact my pastor opened his services up. was a good church . if you put aside all the junk he did on his own. he would take on fights with people and threaten them with bodly harm. his congergation was very cold hearted . not friendly at all.when the state of ohio investigated him . he responded whith hate .he had powers of GOD doing great things in his sermons. saw alot of great things of GOD and lot of bad things .

  • Ang_17733

    I have been to his church when he was in clumbus ohio,many times. that was back in the 90s , at the time my mother was his helper .. “Maid and my brother was his body gaurd.. I didnt no what it was all about .. i had grown worrie of his intentions becouse i had heard of false profits, but when i finnaly got the corrage to attand … i can say i felt  he has God in him ,, he did many mircles when i was there and he even touch a blind ladys forhead and she could see again after that.. so you tell me .. if its fake or not.. id dont think its fake and i do beleave even he has faults he is trying to spead the word of god.. thats my own option. . Sence then my mother and his secatery had a fight and he watched then fight and didnt stop it and actauly had asked for the lady to beat my mother up.. im not sure of the details but i no it to me didnt seem like a Godly thing to do . so sence then she never went back to his church and my brother also stoped working for him. .. also .all i no is when i was in his church he seemed so real to me … I think hes a good man and even himself has faults.. as he is human.. thank you for leting me share this short true storie with you..

    • HymanDiamond

      Come on if he made a blind person see he would have won the Noble Peace Prize where do you people come from?

      • jim

        People refuse to believe the truth if God does it Hyman. If a dr had cured the blind for a million you would’ve believed it .Your world view is keeping you from seeing the truth.The people with the truth have been set free.

  • Ed inOhio

    He went to prison for burning down a state patolmans house in the late 70’s. Pure scam artist. Had death threats on a friend of mine. Pure evil.

    • jim

      Ed I believe if you would actually do some fact checking, you would discover that No state patrolmans house Ever Burned. Leroy was railroaded for a crime that was never committed. Before you call a man pure evil maybe you should check those facts.

  • Apostle Dr. Per Einar Jensen

    god bless you man of god

  • James

    Whatever anyone thinks I know this personally. He has a tremendous gift and I just purchased his new book “In The Presence Of Mine Enemies.”

  • Fran braaksma

    Curious, does anyone know what happen to his seven children he had by his first wife Ruby ,wondering if they were in the ministry with him?

  • Deanna Murello

    Leroy Jenkins in AZ absolutely healed my grandson when he was a just a baby turning blue with a grayish tint to his skin. He is now Ten years old and he lived all because of Leroy. I have watched Leroy heal people left and right in his church in Scottsdale. No trickery or gadgets or fake microphones were in his ear, Believe Me. You are a fool if you listen to anything other than good things about Leroy Jenkins.

    • jim

      You’re right Deanna even the Amazing Randi could not find trickery by Leroy, so much so, that he refused to be interviewed with Leroy. (It might have cost him that million and ended his career )

  • HymanDiamond

    I met Jenkins about ten or so years ago in a hotel dining room , The Banana Beach hotel on Ambergise Island, San Pedro, Belize. He was selling resort property then.

  • HymanDiamond

    Man of gold.

  • HymanDiamond

    Mr. Cooke, Jim Baker is back on TV making another killing.

  • HymanDiamond

    I send my hard earned dollars to the retired and they give it to Jim Baker?

  • kaz

    Denigration of this man is not proof. Appearances can be deceptive.

  • John Fyffe

    Leroy Jenkins or anyone else cannot heal. Only Jesus Christ can heal. Leroy prays in the name of Jesus. In the 1960’s my wife was prayed for by Leroy and was healed of an addicting medication she was taking. She never took the medication again. I believe God works through him. I know he has done things God would not put His approval upon, but so has everyone else. Jesus died to forgive us of our sins. We are not his judge. Jesus will do that at the judgement day. I have attended his services in Florida and Ohio. I have seen many people healed by God and Leroy prayed for them.

  • jim

    Again not factual

  • Imaybewrongbutimmostlyright

    Beating up on Leroy Jenkins is just so easy for those who love to feel superior! People pay BILLIONS for diet products, and hair regrowth products that do absolutely NOTHING, and eventually, the product goes away! But Leroy Jenkins weathers every attack against him,for 50 years, and people are attempting to convince people that support him, that their support is not based on their personal experience? People MUST be getting something for their support of Leroy, or basic human psychology and experience would dictate that they would STOP! Flamboyant? Check! Quirky? Check! Entertaining? CHECK, CHECK! A man who can read your mail with a surprising accuracy? Check! People wouldn’t follow a man who preaches NOTHING but miracles, if there were NO MIRACLES! Leave the man alone! Go attack the real fraud……OBAMA!

  • Imaybewrongbutimmostlyright

    Ed InOhio, complete lie! The “arson” charge was based on a supposed attempt to burn down a ministry property for a Insurance claim, to which Leroy was falsely accused, and falsely imprisoned! That’s why he was PARDONED! Or did he “scam” his way out of prison and “scam” his way into a PARDON?!?! Your “logic” is ridiculous, and just prove that you’re a false accuser,that’s all! Leroy Jenkins is a man touched and gifted by God, and the jealousy and hatred toward him, prove that those who hate God, who can do the impossible, hate those who do the impossible through God! What? He doesn’t do it like YOU would do it? That’s probably why YOU can’t do it! Leave him alone! You convince no one who has experienced this guys impact on their lives! But PLEASE don’t lie!

  • Rickie

    Leroy Jenkins is my Uncle. It’s sad to read ugly remarks about him from people who provably do not believe in God at all. If they studied the Bible as much as they study Leroy they will see that God works through people and things. God does whatever He wants to get His work done. Yes Leroy used different things as a point of contact needed by some. As Christians were are saved not perfect. I would be very careful about mocking one of God’s children. Believe me God will discuss with Leroy anything He has issues about. The facts are many have come to accept Christ through Leroy. Many have been healed by Christopher through Leroy. Many good things have happened to others by God through Leroy. I know by having conversations with some out there that you will continue to discredit Leroy. Do your best satan’s spawn. Until God is done with LeRoy You Will Get nowhere.

  • Nx

    Leroy Jenkins is the epitome of the corrupt preacher. He is vain and vainglorious, a convicted felon who preys on the most vulnerable people in society. After pocketing their money, he spends it on getting the kind of plastic surgery that results in his looking like a melted doll. He’s a walking obscenity. Well, I assume he walks, for all I know he might pay people to carry him around in a sedan chair.
    That people can look at Leroy Jenkins, know he is a convicted felon, know he married an old lady just to steal her lottery winnings, know that he takes people’s money so he can live like a king and STILL say he is a man of God? Frankly they deserve to be defrauded. He is pure scum.

  • Imaybewrongbutimmostlyright

    Isn’t it amazing that people can’t STAND it, when charges by people don’t quite STICK? Jenkins was “convicted” in 1979, for supposedly, arson and conspiracy to commit fraud in a supposed insurance fraud claim, in which he served 5+ years for and THEN was pardoned! Here the question: why would ANYONE pardon a REAL arsonist, insurance fraud, criminal? I WONDER WHY?? Is it because the truth was Jenkins was TARGETED in 1979, by political forces in the State of Ohio who opposed Jenkins actual candidacy for Governor? Sounds plausible to me! That’s the only possible explanation of why Jenkins would ever get out on a PARDON, not PAROLE! But sure enough, people want to jump completely over immovable facts, and simply accuse and accuse without ever having to justify that flawed thinking! I judge people all the time BY THE WORDS THAT COME FROM PEOPLES MOUTHS! Not the unsubstantiated, accusations and false conclusions, of people who have no idea of the other side that they NEVER EVEN CONSIDER! It’s amazing! I pray you ALL get the consideration of NO ONE AT ALL, when you are accused with nothing but what is OBVIOUSLY false accusations in the sense that IT WAS PARDONED!!!

  • Raja

    Leroy Jenkins passed away today, 6/21/2017 in Florida

    • From Wikipedia:
      In 1979, Jenkins was convicted in Delaware, Ohio for conspiracy to assault two men and plotting the arson of two homes. Jenkins was sentenced to twelve years in prison for the incident. In 1994, he was arrested for grand theft, but the charges were soon dropped when he agreed to pay restitution. In 2001, his marriage to a 77-year-old widow, a black woman who had recently hit the Ohio Lottery jackpot for $6,000,000 USD was annulled by a judge in Delaware, Ohio. The legal guardian of Eloise Thomas, whose husband had died just three weeks before the marriage to Jenkins, former Ohio State Senator Ben Espy, claimed on behalf of the woman’s family that Thomas was incompetent and therefore incapable of knowing what she was doing when she attempted to marry Jenkins. Jenkins has repeatedly denied accusations that he was attempting to marry the woman for the sake of her net worth, which was estimated at $4,000,000 USD. Jenkins was known for his faith healing, through the use of “miracle water”. In 2003, while based in Ohio, Jenkins “miracle water” was found to contain coliform bacteria by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. Jenkins claimed tests conducted by independent laboratories all found the water safe for drinking and that the state ignored his findings. Jenkins was later fined $200 because he didn’t have a license to sell the water.

  • Carol Jean Horvath

    I am so so sorry to read about Pastor Lee Roy Jenkins. I do rejoice that he will be with the glory of God.
    Thank you so much for this man of God. May we all share in the glory of God on earth and Heaven, and glory to our Heavenly Father, Son and Holy Spirit always. God bless you and love you Leroy Jenkins. May God,s Glory be upon you. May we praise the Lord and thank you.
    What will you do for God during your earthly state of praise to the Lord God Almighty?

  • Rennie

    Mainly true men of God have been hated and not loved. Like Jesus has said “woe to you when all men speak well of you”!