Is Image Everything?


“Image Is Everything!” Could be. It’s not a commercial, it seems to be the mindset of many in America today. It’s certainly become a big part of religious media – I couldn’t even list all the TV personalities in the Christian world with multiple plastic surgeries. I don’t have anything against it – as Joyce Meyer says, “Who would live in a house for 30 or 40 years without doing some remodeling? :-)

But it is interesting to study where it’s going. According to an online poll of 2,510 adults conducted in January 2003, nearly half of all Americans (47 percent) say they are not happy with their physical appearance. What would they do to improve? The following chart explains:

Have done or would like to do:   Men / Women

Laser eye surgery                       34% 42%
Tummy tuck                               11% 35%
Liposuction                                 12% 28%
Chemical peel/?skin resurfacing     8% 25%
Face-lift                                      7% 18%
Hair implants                               11% 5%
Nose job                                     5% 9%
Botox injections                           3% 9%
Collagen injections                       2% 8%

“Image Is Everything,” American Demographics Magazine

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  • Ryan Boone

    Somehow that list does not seem complete…

  • Keith G

    It seems as if today, that is the big thing in the church. Nip and tuck. Is it ok? I'm not the one to answer that question. But is it any different than getting a new hair style or a keeping your fingers manicured. I believe the bigger question is, why are you doing it? What is your motive behind it all. Unfortunately, in our society your are still judged by your appearance. Wether your over weight or have a hair cut that is twenty years old. Take for example Britney Spears at the MTV VMA's. Let's not look at here performance but just at her. Here's a woman that in recent years has had two children. Any soccer mom out there in this country would probably agree, given the situation, she looks pretty good. But in Hollywood's standards, it's unacceptable. That's the difference between Hollywood and real life. As a producer myself, I tell tv talent, you need to plan ahead, If want to have dark hair when your sixty, you need to start in your early forties. You don't want to be on a set one day with all this gray hair, and show up the next day with a beautiful mop on your noggin. People will be distracted by your hair and not hear what your saying.

    Regardless, of your stance on nip and tuck, we'll all get older some day and it will catch up with you. My plan is to grow old gracefully, accept my receding hairline, and do the best with that. It will not matter to the most important people in my life.

  • breaklight

    Hi Ryan – that is really funny:-):-)!!!

    Go down if you want to go up; Die if you want to live; Be tough on life before it’s tough on you; Prepare to suffer; Make pleasure a transition not an address; Complacency is a convenient killer; Truth is a bitter pill that leaves a sweet aftertaste.