Human Sex Trafficking: Taking the Product Off The Market


Eastern Europe and the Far East are easily the two most significant factories for recruiting young girls (and boys) into the sex trafficking industry.  I’ve been in Moldova for the last week, and it’s pretty disheartening.  The Soviet era created a massive state-run orphanage system.  In those days, loyalty to the Communist party was far more important than loyalty to family, so children were warehoused into massive orphanages.  Once the Iron Curtain fell, paying for the children became much more difficult, and today, orphanages across Eastern Europe have fallen into horrible disrepair.  With broken windows, outhouses, cold water, and little heat, orphans literally freeze to death every winter.  Worse, when the orphans become 16 years old, they are released from the orphanages.  They’re given a bus ticket to their hometown of record, (whether they know anyone there or not), a few bucks, and sent away.  That’s where the traffickers step in.  Meeting the kids literally at the bus station, they offer them jobs in restaurants or retail, and then kidnap them, never to be heard from again.  Many are taken across the Adriatic Sea by high speed boat, and funneled to Italy, Northern Europe, and other parts of the world.  As a result, the need is twofold – helping support and re-model the orphanages, and then providing a safe place where the children can go after they’re “aged out” of the system.

Philip Cameron came to Eastern Europe nearly 20 years ago and was horrified at the situation.  He’s raised millions of dollars to install new windows, update plumbing, and re-do the lighting at multiple orphanages.  Plus, he’s building a series of homes called “Stella’s Houses” to take in the girls once they leave the orphanage system.  The interesting thing about Philip is that he’s not trying to be Slyvester Stallone or some other action hero out to stop the traffickers.  He’s just out to be a “dad.”  He’s providing the one thing most of these kids have never experienced – a loving, caring, and providing father.

It’s a brilliant strategy, because Philip’s focus is to “prevent” the trafficking in the first place.  By taking in these potential victims, he’s removing the product off the market and keeping it out of the hands of very evil people.  Most human trafficking organizations focus on the victims, and that’s great.  But I have to admit that Philip’s strategy is different, and very effective.  By diverting this young boys and girls away from the streets, he may be creating a model that could save an entire generation of lost children through Eastern Europe, and eventually the world.

I don’t often promote organizations on this blog, so when I do, you know it’s serious.  What Philip Cameron is doing is incredibly important, and I’d urge you to consider supporting it.

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  • Melissam

    I love this! Very effective. Very strategic! We need to be just as strategic about saving these girls as their captors are. This is great! A real encouraging article for a very discouraging topic!

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  • Olga

    This is very encouraging…I even posted it on my blog..hope people will read

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  • Paulette Carson

    Phil, thanks so much for posting here on your blog about Philip and his team. I am very excited about the opportunity to minister to them this year, and to train a couple of the young ladies from Stella’s House to facilitate and lead our translated Bible study in Romanian. Due to insufficient funds, we have postponed our conference until October 2011, but trust the Lord’s hand of direction in the “delay.” I look forward to being with these young ladies in the Stella’s Houses and also visiting the children in Providence. We pray the Lord brings a breakthrough on the govt red tape to get the children there ASAP.

  • Nancy Russell

    Philip is doing an awesome job with these kids. He’s not wasting money either. I’ve seen his work first-hand. He really cares about these kids and uses every penny toward helping them stay off the streets and to have a roof over their heads. Thanks for sharing.

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  • Mrs4Ls

    While human trafficking…slavery…has become the current cause of the Hollywood types, this has been going on for centuries. It goes on here in America as well because many illegals flood across our southern border and end up in horrible situations here in the US as slaves of one kind or another. You’re right. This is where decency needs to step in and I’m glad that this is being addressed…finally. However, it must be made clear that it is also YOUNG child issues, where children as young as four are forced into the sex trade. They have very short life expectancies and many are left diseased and mentally and emotionally incapacitated. I also think that taking the product off the market is a good idea but educating people on how they continue to support this human trade is yet another way. Illegal drugs, sex trafficking and terrorism can many times be connected. Bottom line? The world needs Jesus Christ in the worst way. It is the only way to truly change hearts and keep them changed. I see the ASPCA adds with pictures of forlorn animals on TV while emotive music plays in the background and yet, no one does this for children; the young boys and girls captured by the sex trade. Any ideas on that Phil? Perhaps a series of shorts both documentary and dramatic might be in order? Just askin…

  • For Stella

    Find out more at: BTW, this ministry is also featured in this month’s Charisma magazine.

  • Mary Adams Hutchinson

    Thanks for posting, Phil. I have made two trips there in the last six months, and after seeing orphan programs in 24 countries, this one is a class head and shoulders above the rest.

    This month Charisma printed a feature I wrote after my first trip. You can read it at:

  • Gail Harris

    When I saw Phillip with the Cameron Family on the old PTL program years ago, God moved my heart in a special way toward their genuineness. I remembered Phillip and his dad wearing the Scottish kilts and singing the most angelic music.

    Just last week I pulled out an old VHS movie made when Phillip sang on the Daystar Network and once again my heart was moved and I wept as I listened to the songs, “Give Me A Heart For Others”, and was thinking that when Phillip sang that song, he had no idea God was going to use him as he is, touching so many lives.

    Many blessings to all working in Romania, in Moldova, in Russia, in all the countries around the world to relieve the suffering of those who have been abused, rejected, used, discarded.

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  • Duane Willoughby

    The simple way to stop this is by executing the one’s involved. Traffikers and clients. Problem solved.

  • MJ

    I applaud your article Phil. I’ve personally seen Philip speak on this subject a couple of times at our church and as our guest at our network and wept each time. I’ve hugged his girls & I can’t think of a more worthy cause to support……. thank you for posting this and bringing more awareness to this ingenious ministry.

  • William H. Adams

    Phil, I’m a big fan of your work. I’m a graduate of Asbury College and I visited during the film festival last year when you spoke. As a person working in Christian television and church media here in Montgomery, I’ve been working with Philip Cameron for the past few years and I just wanted to let you know that I’d be delighted to partner with you if there is anyway that I can.

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  • brandon blair

     i am happy that phil is doing this because he is saving a lot of lives and the kids that he is saving today are our future helpers 

    • brandon blair

      also they can help change the world like help stop global warming and help us clean the world that is why they are our future helpers

      • Brandon blair

        phil i hope you  teach  the people you save to be like you so we can change the world into a better place and it also makes someone happy ever day

    • brandon blair

      also they can help change the world like help stop global warming and help us clean the world that is why they are our future helpers

  • brandon blair

     i am happy that phil is doing this because he is saving a lot of lives and the kids that he is saving today are our future helpers 

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