Why Firing People Can Be a Good Thing

At the Nine’s Conference recently, I spoke on something churches, ministries, and nonprofit organizations really struggle with:  firing people.  Whether you’re a leader or employee, I’d encourage you to consider this perspective.  And as usual, let me know what you think.  Here’s the video:


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  • Travis

    Excellent information on a subject that is difficult for most Ministry leaders. It’s never easy, but more damage will be done by not taking action.

  • Ron Lambros

    Good stuff on a tough subject.
    One of the things I learned early in my ministry is that it’s not the people you fire that come back to haunt you…it’s the people you should have fired but didn’t.

    • Brilliant Ron. Totally agree. That’s actually happened to me…

  • Great Video! — Must watch for church leaders.

  • Simply put… One of the best videos on this subject I have ever seen… Way to go Phil…

  • Firing can be/should be an act of kindness. It frees the team from those who really don’t fit/can’t fully contribute and allows the fired to truly discover who they are and where they should fit. I think you nailed it. It’s not just about firing but why and how to fire.

  • Gary Hoogvliet

    Thanks Phil. As usual, you make huge sense…