Everything Communicates

Something leaders, speakers, and communicators often fail to understand is that in today’s digital world, everything communicates. That means it’s not just the message you share, but it’s the clothes you’re wearing, your attitude, the way you stand, the lighting in the room, and many more things impact how people receive that message.

In a larger organizational context a question like “Who’s the first person a new visitor or customer meets when they walk in the door?” is appropriate. In our team’s experience with churches, we’ve discovered that virtually 100% of potential new visitors will check out the church online before they visit. (So why are church websites so lame?)

So whether you’re pitching a project, preaching a sermon, writing a TV commercial, developing a business proposal, speaking at a conference, or talking to your best friend, there’s a wealth of information that gets communicated beyond the message.

What are the things you’ve not thought about that could help you deliver a more effective message?

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  • Nathan Jones

    Excellent point! Here in the Web Design world, 1/12th of a second is all the time people will take before judging your website!

    • Ouch! That’s even worse! But it’s good to know….