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    I know my website looks funky. Its under construction- give me a break :D

  • Excellent blog and so true! Design is everything because this is a visual world we live in and if the church chooses to no embrace that truth you are not truly doing all you can to spread the word of God.


    (Our website relaunch is next thursday Oct 21, 2010)

  • Great thoughts — so important to reclaim all things for kingdom use. There really is no excuse for lukewarm visual presentations. But lately, I’ve had opportunity to visit a couple churches that have fully embraced and combined the latest in design and technology, almost to the extent that “design” has become the message, not just the conduit of a beautiful Message. (e.g., The children’s wing feels like Disney World; stunning, yet slightly unsettling somehow). How do we define the line that provides the critical balance for form and function, especially in this arena?

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  • Good and bad design says something about the organisation that is communicating their message. 

    Bad design is a barrier. Good design is an open door to hearing the message.

  • I’ve just come out a great church meeting that had pool tables, sofas, coffee tables, open plan kitchen, smaller tables with chairs. We all sang together, listened to the speaker, yet really connected with each other and new people. The visual presentation of everything is important, not only better PowerPoint. Thanks for great article.

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