Why Crazy Rules Exist


Over and over, I visit organizations that have incredibly stupid rules in place. One TV station had a rule that you had to switch between cameras every 10 seconds – no matter what. A church had a rule that you couldn’t change the lighting on the stage. A production company had a rule that you couldn’t have close-ups in a program. The list goes on and on – completely insane rules at otherwise apparently normal organizations. If your organization has rules like that in place – before you beat your head against a wall – here’s the reason:

Somewhere in the past – probably before you came onboard with the company – a person with no skill, talent, or intelligence did something really stupid, over and over again. Chances are they were morons. They kept repeating the same mistake, and management got so frustrated, they finally put their foot down and had to create a rule – even a dumb one – just to get him or her to stop. But now that person is gone, people have forgotten why it happened, and you’re left to deal with that incredibly stupid rule. If you’re in that miserable situation, here’s my recommendations:

First – Never attack the rule directly, because the rule – stupid as it may be – solved an even bigger problem in the past.   Show them a better way to solve the problem, and the need for the rule will go away.

Second – You start by winning management’s confidence.   You have to prove that you’re not a moron, and you have the skills to fix the problem without the hindrance of a wacky rule.

Finally – You have to show them you’re listening.   Remember, the rule was put in place because of someone with a tin ear. Listen to the concerns of your leadership team and make them understand that you’re listening and you care.

I’d love to hear other examples of stupid rules you’ve encountered. Stupid rules happen, so stop driving yourself crazy, and starting making changes.

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  • nonamegiven

    That nothing can be done without the approval of ONE person who happens to be the busiest and hardest to reach person in the organization. 

  • anothernoname

    Each and every guest must be approved by the higher up each and every time you want to book them on the same show no matter the time frame. No on-air guest can be affiliated with Phil Cooke LOL (I’m not joking). Rarely book women as on air guests. No women can host with the exception of one or two. No one else can host a show except a handful of men. Do not tell the truth as to why a person cannot/doesn’t not want to be on the show, you will be considered a liar and your station will be threaten to be taken off the air. If the wind changes that day in the office of the higher up, the rules change once again. New rule: 20-30 min. preaching each show because a “music show” got such good ratings & there was no preaching. Hey, I’m just getting warmed up here………. You’ve made a great point Phil. In addition, I think a few rules come from major micro managing coupled with no creativity and irrational thinking.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-Burke/1243167693 Robert Burke

      So if God is creative, but denies creativity to such shenanigan-masters of Christianity 1.0…

      Would God give His creativity to Christianity 2.0?

      Would Christianity 2.0 involve a new, better, higher, more intelligent World View? (That didn’t break but confirm scriptures?)

      Would Christianity 2.0 be easy (like the salesmen of Christianity 1.0 make their World View easy)?

      What if Christianity 2.0 was tough, but doable.

      Maybe Christianity 2.0 needs a new network.

  • Jon

    Agreed, been there many times. Sometimes, even though one does all these things, you may NEVER be able to convince some people to change. Unfortunanetly there are some people who are so afraid of trying anything new/different, that they’ve dug themselves a foxhole so deep that they can no longer see the light of day.

  • wants to help

    You must work in my organization, nonamegiven! It kills me to sit idly by, hands tied to move anything forward, while that particular go-to person is so frantically busy that I’m afraid she’s going to have a stroke. But I can’t help her, and God forbid that anyone else make a decisions.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-Burke/1243167693 Robert Burke

    Christianity 1.0 uses fixed rules to control people, citing that’s the way God wants it, citing the 10 Commandments, naturally. (Hence: self-dealing.)

    Christianity 2.0 says, “There are no fixed rules, only guidelines,” citing that’s the higher way God wants it, because God doesn’t want the Devil to box-trap people under rigid-righteous dominion spirits… Higher teachers thus cite the First Commandment: “Thou shalt have no other god (meaning no other fixed-rule rigid-righteous-evil-dominion sub-teacher) before God.

    You see, the more intelligence, the more freedom. The less intelligence, the less freedom in life. http://www.inthatdayteachings.com . Freedom matters.

    Christianity 1.0 simply dumbs people down, enslaves people to sub-taught leaders who hide self-dealing.

    Christianity 2.0 is waiting for customers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=657769602 Anthony Peterson

    A 400MB limit in my email inbox. Go figure.

  • James Wheeler

    My experience has been, that sometimes there is a pervading presence of “stupid” merely because stupid “literally rules.” And stupid will continue to rule until a new culture with “no stupid rules allowed” is permitted to exist. It’s usually a biproduct of “hands off” leadership and a failure to see down through the entire organization looking for healthy systems and evaluating the need for competence and established core values. In essence, the failure to discover and rid the organization of stupidity, perpetuates stupidity.

  • James Wheeler

    O forgot to mention that it would be stupid not to abide by the stupid rules until you can effect healthy change. Otherwise you are the stupid one without a stupid job.