Are You Ready for a Public Relations Nightmare?

If you missed my video during the Nine’s Conference, then you can view it here.  I was asked to speak for a few minutes to Church, ministry, and nonprofit leaders about what they should be thinking about in order to avoid a “PR Nightmare.”  Here’s what I recommended.  I’d love to know your response:

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  • Mark Dreistadt

    Good job. Too many ministries try to spin the problem until they find suddenly find it spinning out of control – OR – they try to manage by waiting, hoping a problem will just go away. It usually doesn’t – not in these times. Involving an attorney is often critical … and of course it doesn’t hurt to solicit the help of a strong PR firm. Most ministry PR disasters I know about could have been navigated successfully – but weren’t! Point #5: Do the right thing. When a PR crisis is looming – that is not the time to look for shortcuts or the easy way out. Doing the right thing will help you preserve your brand equity and confirm your integrity.

  • Bruce Becker

    Great reminder. When it comes to insurance coverage, we discovered a few years ago that our general liability coverage specifically excluded multimedia activity. Surprise! So, we had to get a policy specifically for multimedia liability.

  • Scott Walsh

    Your take is spot-on as usual, Phil. In any crisis scenario, it’s essential to own it, identify what happened, tell people what you’re going to do to address and correct it – and then do that! I’ve always felt that the textbook example was the way Johnson & Johnson handled the Tylenol poisonings in 1982 that killed seven people. J&J didn’t waste time trying to assign blame. Instead, they immediately recalled every Tylenol product, more than 31 million bottles with a value in excess of $100 million, and their corrective actions resulted in the creation of tamper-proof packaging.

    Nice job, Phil!

  • Damon

    I thought this was excellent!