Déjà vu? Cash For Clunkers & The Health Care Plan

I was listening to a local radio news program last night and they were interviewing a car dealer here in Los Angeles about the “Cash for Clunkers” program.  He owns  multiple dealerships, but in spite of the program’s acknowledged success, at his car lots, this dealer pulled the plug nearly a week early.   When the reporter asked him why, he said,
“Number one, we still haven’t been reimbursed by the government.  And even if we eventually do, the program is forcing us to carry a huge amount of debt until we’re paid back.”  The reporter asked him why he didn’t simply contact the government about getting reimbursed quicker?  The car dealer laughed out loud:  “Are you kidding?  Do you actually think you can call the government?  Who exactly do we talk to?  All they’ve given us is a website, and no one responds to that.  You don’t just call the government.  There isn’t anyone to call.” 

I immediately thought about the implications for government run health care.  Who do we call when we have a question, don’t get a reimbursement, or need help?   As he said, “You don’t just call the government.”  I’m sure they’ll give us a website.  But chances are, like these car dealers, getting an actual response may be something else entirely. 

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