Can We End Human Trafficking?

Friday is Human Trafficking Awareness Day, created to call attention to the catastrophe of global slavery.  Our team at Cooke Pictures had the opportunity produce some projects highlighting the work of Stella’s Voice, a remarkable organization focusing on the work in Eastern Europe.  We’ve been blown away by the difference Stella’s Voice is making – helping to stop the scourge of human trafficking in that part of the world.  If you can give financially, we’d encourage you to do it today.  Here’s a 6 minute short film we produced as a result of the trip:

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  • richdixon

    Moving, sad video. You asked if we can end this horror. No, any more than we can end poverty or hunger. The world is broken, and fixing it is God’s job. But we can change things by doing what we can, where we are, with what God’s given to us. That’s what God asks of us.

    • Mary Adams Hutchinson

      Richdixon, agreed. But we have to fight as though we can win…least we not fight hard enough.