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  • Tony Figueroa
    You can use that wide spread on radio and TV as a spring board to the Internet. 
    On a show you can tease the Internet i.e. past episodes, deleted scenes, bloopers, discussions boards, blogs & podcasts.
    This is another reason to go beyond the sermon shows. There is no reason one cannot produce content for TV and Radio and at the same time produce content for the web (Banner ads can pay for the costs).
  • Russ Casenhiser

    Two comments. First, a better question might be are Atheists doing a better job of using the internet than Christians? The internet provides a powerful toolset to Christians and Atheists alike. There is nothing about YouTube, Digg etc. that provides a unique advantage to any group. The tools are there; use them or get run over by people who are. 

    Second, the article you linked to referred to a recent Digg post titled "Murdered for being an atheist." This is a phenomenal illustration of the long tail. That post now has 3,000+ diggs and more comments than I have time to read. The interesting point? The incident happened in 2004, and the article it's talking about is from 2005. I'd be willing to bet the article is getting more web-traffic now than it did when was first published.

  • Phil

    Brilliant point.  I agree that we've got a wide spread on radio and TV, but Christians have far to go with the Internet.  Great points all around.