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Remember Godtube?  Now we have Thyspace – the new "Christian" social networking site.  Is this a great thing for the digital age?  Or the end of the world as we know it?  What do you think?

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  • Jeff Reid

    I think it's rather ridiculous. I know that parents want to protect their kids. But there are a ton of hilarious – clean – vidoes on youtube. I feel it's more important for the parent to lead the child into choosing righteousness instead of "Yuck". There are definitely ages too young for those sites, but by the time they're old enough, they should have a Spirit-led compass on their insides, to steer clear of visual snags. (Have you seen the "Taking Dogs"? or "Singing Cats"? Also check-out "Rio the singing boxer."…And "DHL Australia" Quite funny!)

    Totally off the subject, If you're looking for a great moment on the 4th of July, one of the most inspiring parts of my 4th over the past few years has been… a reading of "The Declaration of Independence" on NPR's "Morning Edition". It's read by all of their contributing on-air personalities and correspondents. It's a total revelation to hear it in it's entirety. It was written in such a way that it sounds the same as modern-day journalism when it's read aloud. It's usually at 8 or 9 am on the 4th. (But, check you're local schedule).

  • Rick

    Another "copy" by Christian's. Nothing to see here- move along.

  • mdalton

    As christians endeavor to be creative there are those that will end up being copycats and truthfully not very good ones at that. This site will be gone or lost in the sea of forgettable sites as fast as it came on the scene. And we would never have know it was there except that you brought it to are attention.

  • nate

    so….you think that its ridiculous to make a site that would glorify GOD? If you ask me, thats what sounds ridiculous.

  • nate

    so you will say that there is nothing to see on a site that someone created to serve as a tool to turn people to christianity, but then you will turn around and say that people should go to myspace where people will show off their so called LIVE WEB CAM and other horrible things that just aren't right. to me, thats what someone should say to move along too.