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  • Phil, what's the purpose of the theater? Are they going to be recording programs there? Broadcasting live? Showing movies? Putting on concerts? Putting on plays/opera/other? Just curious … It looks like it's got TBN's signature gawdiness going on ;-)

  • Phil

    I think all of the above. Shooting live shows, doing some theater, concerts, etc… and yes, the “TBN look” is there alright.

  • annoymous4jesus

    Why does TBN sets look like turn of the century a burlesque?


  • David Druckenmiller

    AmeriKan, c’mon now brother, have some fun with this.
    You got to admit the Trump and Crouch comparison is a good one and made you smile. I had a nice photo up but Phil took it down, oops broke the rules I think.
    Phil, how a bout a link comparison? …


    as compared to:

    For me, this is not about being a “tighwad or cheepskate” as much as it is a discussion on style (as it relates to television production and set design), …not the TBN motive which seems to bear fruit I think – but really only God knows the heart. Do you think the TBN signature look (for their TV sets, lobbies, and theaters) is good or bad? Is this the TBN brand? and is it successful?

    What if the expenses for sets, theaters, lobbies, fountains and a gazillion affiliate stations were focused on programming … beyond the traditional talk show format and outside of the usual folks who create for TBN. We’ve seen a few attempts at that by Crouch Jr. mostly on the movie side … he seems to have skipped over TV programming altogether … or maybe I’ve missed it … because I just can’t hack watching TBN original programming, and don’t know of anyone under 40 who does.

  • Phil

    Actually – I didn't take it down, I tried to make it a bit smaller, and deleted it by mistake…  :-)   Sorry about that… 


    As a TBN supporter and freelancer, I too was very impressed and awed with the New York City Facility… You really have to see it to truly appreciated it.



    The NEW dIGITAL aNTENNA Location is throwing an A signal into Manhattan and some surrounding Burroughs…. which hopefully will make the newtwork a MUST cable CARRY…. (…ALONG WITH ALL THE LOCAL MANHATTAN PROGRAMMING TARGETING NYC).



    Camera's are Ikegami HD…. as opposed to the Thompson / Grass Valley "Field Superior" units planned for the Dallas, NaSHVILLE AND ORLANDO hIGH dEFINITION sTUDIOS…

  • AmeriKan

    I appreciate your insights, Carl.  I'm sure many readers have been to NYC and some even live there….like my daughter and her family.  Little in NYC is done on a small scale…it is the mecca of glitz for media, entertainment, style, business, etc.  Would TBN be expected to do anything less?  New Yorkers deserve the best from the Christian world.  As for the culture in NYC…it is off the scale.  It is a challenge but can be done…David Wilkerson proved that with very little in the 60's.  But in this 21st Century age, there are churches, large and small, who have pulled out all the "stops" to try to reach the culture of this massive city in a relatively small space.  The past decade has seen greater success by the church to reach their culture.  Cost, is off the charts, as well.  NYC is no place for the faint at heart to learn to swim…it will push you to your personal limits and beyond.  TBN, like anyone else, deserves to step up to the plate.  NYC has a way of making you or breaking you.

  • JB

    Egads.  Another display of bad taste, wastefulness all done in the name of Jesus. 

  • Bart Breen

    TBN is broadcasting internationally, and I somehow doubt that identifying with New York is a part of their image.  I suspect you'd have more New Yorker's than not take issue with whether TBN is representing or tying into New York Culture.  I rather think it would equate to a banjo player showing up at the Metropolitan Opera.

    They're successful in their own way however so obviously they're hitting something.  What that is, I'm not entirely sure, but then I don't watch TBN nor have I looked carefully at them so I don't have much more to offer on that.

  • AmeriKan

    Maybe you should view more often or better yet, like Carl, go for yourself and see.  Or, maybe it's just easier from a distance to speak from a biased, ill-informed view.

  • Bart Breen

    I've seen enough of it on occassion to get a general view.  Thanks for the offer. 

    I'll take the warning on the biased, ill-informed view to heart though.  It is a mistake to assume complete knowlege on an issue and attempt to come off as an expert when that's not the case.  Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Jeff Reid

    Hmmmm…Paul Crouch, Jr. sitting next to Stephen Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Weber at the annual Tony Awards… nope, I just can't picture it. They'd have to create an amazing string of true theatrical hits, not just…um, TBN-style productions. The proof, unfortunately, will be when The Village Voice, and The New York Times review their first show. I don't think it'll be pretty.

  • Dixie Dawg

    First of all, let me say that I have watched a lot of TBN over the years and when I lived in Florida, I financially supported the local TBN affiliate until the local station manager was rude to me when I had not been rude to her.  I gave $100 per month to that station until Mrs. Manager decided to get an attitude.Anyway, in my humble opinion, I think the thing that bothers a lot of people about the TBN sets is the unbelievable extravagance and expense.  Some of their sets in California look like a king's palace.  Many people just like me believe that the money spent on elaborate sets could be better used to help people in need and actual missions programs.  For example, look at James and Betty Robinson.  They are doing a wonderful work and have a daily TV show on a very nice, but conservative set.  They're still getting the job done, but on a budget.  A lot of their ministry money goes to build wells for children in Africa.  If you've read any info at all on TBN, you will find that Paul and Jan Crouch live very well in a multi-million dollar mansion in California, to include a wine cellar.  That was in a California newspaper.  People who own non-profit organizations and who constantly ask for money should not be living in multi-million dollar estates to include expensive designer cars.  It just doesn't look good for a 501 (C3).  A non-profit agency is for the benefit and good of the community, church, etc. – not to line the pockets of a TV minister and to put them up in the lap of luxury.  

  • jbm

    Why do so many of you have so many harsh things to say? The bible say's we are suppossed to be the head and not the tail. the alpha, not the omega. but hey, bad press is still press and at least the gospel of jesus christ is being put out there and we are still having a chance to exercise our free will.




  • Russ

    James and Betty Robinson are great people but don't assume that they don't live well just because they have a conservative set.  It's unfortunate that you had a bad experience with the TBN manager in Florida and that has tainted your view of the worldwide ministry.  Also, don't believe everything you read in the papers.

    Do I agree with everything the Crouches have said and done, absolutely not, but I have worked very closely with them for a long time and can 100% confirm that they have a sincere heart to see lives changed.

  • Eddie

    Just remember TBN has struggled to get local TBN coverage on cable TV for years. I remember talking with Paul Crouch in th early 1990s in Dallas about not being able to get TBN in NY. Paul told me about Dishnet & DirectTV. Thank God my parents have watched TBN ever since.

    Cablevision on Long Island which is owned by the Dolan family is as anti-christian as it gets. The only program they allow is the Priest/Rabbi program which is an abomination.

    I hope & pray that this breakthru that puts TBN on ALL cable networks.

    God Bless


  • wesley g.

    I am so thankful for TBN..I am from south carolina, and hope to visit TBN in new york

  • Rachel

    I am so happy that TBN is in New York.  I hope pastors like Joel, Joyce, Charles Stanley, Adrian, come speak here.   Thank you.   

  • Dee

    I am thrilled TBN is coming to New York City. Keep up the good work for the Lord, Paul and Jan.

  • Andrea

    Is it possible to come see the taping of Carmen in April?

  • reality check

    The HD studio is nice but its a Ferrari with no one to drive it. Everything is over the top but with what new programming? I’ve seen better programming on you tube. If it weren’t for being 100% donator funds – this station would have been out of business already. They need a new leader who can raise the standards of production and bring in new ideas for shows that the viewer would want to watch. I heard that the GM was a prior receptionist who got her position by becoming friends with the Crouches. Get in someone who is an experienced station manager. From my stand point, the Crouche’s should have put those millions of dollars of building a studio into a viable program which helps people directly. They didn’t need to spend that money frivolously to stick another feather in their cap.

  • a believer with money

    okay, jan goes to the Holy Land, (theme park/performance venue in Orlando)makes people work on Sundays when the original owners made a covenant to God about that, now thankfully after prayer and commentary she has recinded it. she upon taking it over- installs a female figured angel playing a windchime (large scale) harp. this ‘angel’ has totally erect nipples basically a nude and sensual on purpose and the front design of the ‘clothing’ is a see through wisp as depicted in new age goddess kind of stuff.

    she has an addiction to buying sculpture and she WILL NOT LISTEN TO ANYONE about it. in CA she has goddess statues, the god hermes and others including a goddess diana statue standing on a snake as pagan representation of Mary. she has the occult symbolism of the three sisters holding a bowl, tall, expensive and at the doorways coming in.

    at the Holy Land they have had to ‘file things down’ (RIDICULOUS) and "take care of things" that were immodest or sensual. NICE JAN. NICE!


    in CA at their Headquarters-she has the ceiling painted in Greek mythology, naked children and other completely pagan symbolism and as always, gawdy. at the Holy Land she has grazing sheep, statues of sheep fastened to the very top of fake rocks as though they are mountain sheep or goats. she has an array of expensive tacky statues all over the park now.

    jan has a problem. the theater in New York was restored we believe to what it was originally like. so in that she may have done a good thing for a historical building.

    she is an embarrasment. truly.

    she dresses like a mentally off Barbie, has worn drag queen make up for years and attempts to be like 1960’s sex symbols when she is almost 70 years old. we all get fed up with the condescending statement of "little". everyone is little this and little that. gross. she can apply the funds that she uses to doll up buildings to get a professional make up artist and stylist! she can realize how she looks to other cultures and how people are aghast with her appearance. and her sons and some ministers can stop defending her as though it is cruel or blasphemous to be honest about those pink wigs, dripping voice and chicken story. for a while she was wearing thongs and showing cleavage. YUK!


    if you think they are over spending, please be aware that she owns more than 60 houses and several large estates. they have no accountability board. they own horses they never ride and drink alcohol, not wine…and have flailing tempers! so they are not the people that they often present. BUT we all have something in our lives some more than others and the love for getting the Gospel and healing out to the nations and our cities is more than admirable. and some of the new show on evangelism and history are AWESOME.


    again, on the flip side, the guest are sometimes amazing and compelling. the souls saved are a wonderul fruit and outcome of the ministers and prayers through TBN. the music is often terrific and new and anointed. its obvious that God uses TBN all over the world and in our lives too.


    she does have a penchant for older stud type, sex symbols in the Body of Christ. what an oxymoron! carman is one of her favorites and he has questionable areas in his life ranging from strongly rumored sexual relationships to a controlling and bad tempered character. he hides that he married mario murillo’s unhappy wife in a swift marriage in vegas on Elvis’ birthday. cheezy. but then he was not an easy person to live with and some other things and tried to annul her just weeks after, but had to get a divorce. he doesn’t tell anyone about that. or some other duplicitis behaviors.

    she hand picked him for her roster and has overlooked some things that she supposedly had a word to do so. who actually knows? and they aren’t telling.God restores and He is merciful, but carman does not exactly demonstrate honesty and gentleness. lots of charm and manipulation though. if he was homely, she would not feature him.

    being prosperous is not a sin, unless you sin with it. God wants us to be wealthy and to use that wealth to do exploits and to help others minister. you have to walk in the Spirit and yield to the Lordship of Christ with money time relationships thoughts and intents, really our whole lives. holiness is key.


    TBN is a mix of the strange, the pagan, the stubborn and the weird and then the sincere, the excellent and the preaching of a perfect and eternal Gospel.

     Hmmmmm? Trump and Jan? Jan…YOU’RE FIRED!!



  • Chaz Randolph

    This looks like Pastor Melissa Scott’s church in Los Angeles. Maybe Paul is also considering doing the same there in LA. Would be a great idea and a excellent way to bring TBN to a dead downtown LA. 

  • As the president and founder of Biblical World Ministry Park, Inc., I’m proud of TBN-Paul & Jan Crouch and their children. What an awesome and powerful dream and vision from God Almighty to have placed within their hands a piece of Heaven on earth. To God be the glory. You see it’s like this, the devil, who was once called Lucifer has already seen the Grandeur and Majestic Splendor of Heaven with all of Its Beauty, Luxuriousness, Brilliance, Greatness, and Richness. He has seen the Heavenly Gold, Silver, Marble Walls and Floors. The Beautiful and Cushioned Seats, the Elegance and Grandeur Buildings and Chandeliers of Heaven, and so much more.

    In my opinion, the devil is jealous, angry and upset because he can never have what TBN has and he definitely can’t have the Great Beauties and Grandeurs of Heaven anymore, because he lost all of it through his rebellion against God. 

    So, Paul & Jan Crouch, your children, the TBN family. Continue to enjoy your moments of a little Heaven on earth. The TBN theater studio in New York and the one’s around the world looks great! Me and my wife would not have been a part of Benny Hinn Ministries if it were not for TBN. From the year 1992 when we first saw TBN, our lives have never been the same. Thank you Paul and Jan Crouch. We love you. Keep up the good work for Jesus.

    Jimmy Ryals Jr. 


  • SMEfromBK

    Wow, I took the time to read through all of the comments and I have to say that I am a little disappointed with a few of the comments about the decor of the TBN New York Station.

    First, I think that instead of saying Paul & Jan live in mansions and they are working for a 501(c3) is irrelevant. Many non-profit ceo’s have big houses and fancy cars. The point is that God looks at the H-E-A-R-T. If they are doing it for the GLORY of GOD then I don’t care.

    I think that we look too much on the outside of things and not on the intent.

    Secondly, ofcourse thats Paul and Jan’s taste. The old world look and feel. Our teens aren’t too receptive of it. However, as a Teen Counselor, I find that teens make their decision based on quick thinking and not from a completely thought out point-of-view.

    I do however agree with the point that TBN should be focusing on creating new shows in different formats to appeal to more people. I think the movie studio idea is great for NYC and should be implemented more. It can also be a POTENTIALLY HUGE Launching Platform for many NYC based actors/actresses who are Christian but don’t have many opportunities because of the “Hollywood” culture.

    Keep up the good work TBN, but keep in mind, new programming for the NYC area would be a great idea.

  • C.Amott

    I absolutely think it’s always being a slap in the face of God even though the words are coming out of their mouths as God’s words. He would NOT want the world and especially those who are losing their jobs and livilhood to turn this on TV when their in despair and see so much blatant misuse of the money people have given to them to help spread God’s word and then turn their sets and themselves into some kind of wierd gaudy, glamour dolls. if they were even beautiful-that would be better thanthe purple/pink hair, triple fake eyelashes and the clothing! Over the top, way over. Paul looks like he’s ad a mortician do his make up. And there is absolutely no way on heaven or earth, they should have so many homes and cars…and do Praise-a-thons constantly to get more money!! It’s ludicrous and I’m sure our Lord is not happy about their using it all in Gods name-he was a humble man and warns against material things. Do they ever go to that part of the bible that would expose them as materialistic?? When we see Heaven, He will make it the heaven He wants, not some people’s ‘dream’ of what it should be. We are not there yet~and it’s something to look forward too. All their sets need to seriously be changed to worship God in humbleness, As well as their costumes. This does not bring any honor to God. If they get a lot of donations, sometimes its the work of the enemy to see to it that it stays this way~ to turn so many off from watching their channel. After 20 years I cannot watch it unless there’s a very interesting guest, it just turns me off.
    I pray for God’s guidance in their hearts before it’s too late..

  • Jerry rowell

    i’ll would like too know what ever happen to betty jean robinson,thank jr

  • Escobar879

    We love to watch tbn, my husband would like to sing on TBN please contact me on how he can do so, his name is freddie Escobar call me his wife eva 917 892 3597. he would love to minister.

  • Wilhelmina

    How can I visit TBN in New York City?  Do I need tickets?