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  • annoymous4jesus

    Merry Christmas Dad…


  • Bart Breen

    I don't know enough about this situation to draw a conclusion and I know better than to accept a newspaper article as conclusive on many things.

    I do know however, that large ministries by their nature exist more to serve themselves and to survive than to takew risks and hold fast to principle.  Apparently, whatever the details may be, that is what is taking place here.

    I wish them well, but then I have no horse in the race and really am not all that concerned about it.

  • AmeriKan

    I have been watching the Hour of Power, since its inception.  Robert A. and Robert V. will do well wherever God leads them. 

    Penner (a son-in-law) denies Robert A. the very right the senior, Robert H., did throughout his entire television ministry…preaching a sermon every Sunday morning.  It is sad to see this kind of power struggle play out between the siblings and inlaws.  It also appears that jealousy and control are at the helm and Robert A. has received the left foot of fellowship from the "family powers that be," which have been more directly involved with the ministry over a longer period of time. 

    Our prayers go out to Robert A. and his son…God will open a bigger and better door, though the negative family dynamics may continue unchanged.