Richard Roberts Did It, So Tonight, Paula White’s Doing It Too

Apparently, Larry King has become TV ministry’s confessor of sorts. Shortly after allegations of alleged ORU financial mismanagement went public with Richard Roberts, he and wife Lindsay appeared on Larry King to speak up for their side of the story. Now, after a divorce from her husband Randy, Paula White is doing the same tonight. Is it because of Larry’s history of throwing softballs?

According to the CNN website:

“Televangelist Paula White gets personal! How she’s coping with the divorce from her husband of 18 years. How did she go from a troubled past to a life of ministry?
Plus, Paula responds to accusations of taking the church’s money to spend on her own lavish lifestyle. She is among six well-known televangelists under investigation by the Senate for alleged financial wrongdoing.”

Check it out tonight on Larry King Live.

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  • Mary Hutchinson

    Jim and Tammy beat Richard to the LK seat by decades…

    He does throw the softball questions, but it's more than that.  He has a natural pull toward Christianity.  He is more gentle with them than anyone.

  • Mark Deckard

    Never have I seen a more professionally managed public relations performance from a minister. For a second I thought I was listening to a political candidate trying to spin her latest political gaffes. I can remember the days when ministers took time away from public ministry after divorce to examine themselves, heal and show the public that divorce was a serious crisis for a minister, something to be mourned. But now days divorce is just a little flat tire in the celebrity ministers life. All you need is a little fix-a-flat and your back on the road.

  • island girl

    David repented for his sin.  He saw what he had done was wrong. 

  • dawz

    How do you know that Paula didn't repent? Just because she didn't tell you doesn't mean she hasn't.

    • martha High

      he was the one that wanted the divorce as i understood it

  • island girl

    She didn't mention it to Larry King either…David repented in a way that was public, documented, and showed God's correction and redemption in his life. 

  • Phil

    Keep in mind that the David reference is used by a lot of people in this situation, but isn’t appropriate. David wasn’t the “spiritual” leader of his people, he was the “political” leader. Granted, in Israel of the time, God was sovereign over all. But Nathan the prophet was actually the spiritual leader. So issues like the fact that David didn’t leave office after his sin aren’t relevant to this argument. During the history of the church its been the thought that a pastor who divorces should at least take a significant break from public ministry to get their life back together before they have the arrogance to teach us how to live our lives. Broken people in the pulpit aren’t in much of a condition to tell others how to live. As someone once said, “Hurting people hurt people.”

  • island girl

    God wanted her divorced so she would have more compassion for those who have been divorced??

    That was a clever spin.

    Of course she was already divorced before this marriage.  And, oh yes, God HATES divorce.

  • Jeff Reid

    The only good thing, i suppose, is that most of the non-believing world has no idea who she is – which, at this point in time, ain't such a bad thing. Literally, I don't think she's on the radar-screen of most of the media-viewing public. (Except for those of us who still take a passing glance at Christian TV – on our way to another channel). So, this too shall pass :-) I long for the day when a generation of people have no idea what the word "televangelist" means. 

  • Mary Hutchinson

    I agree, Jeff, that most of the secular world has never heard of her. 

    I watched last night and was simply sad.  Prayer needed here.

  • Biodude

    Larry King is NOT an journalist!…he is a talk show host who never wants to 'upset' his guests..Paula White is a money-monger!…The folks that support her deserve what they will reap..You want to hate these folks, but in truth they are just less than beggars on the street asking for handouts..gimme a break.

  • dawz

    You guys are good! I am so glad we have critic after critic here to bash ministries and their shortcomings. Who is next? How about Joel Osteen or how about Benny Hinn? No wonder the world hates Christians and my generation is running away from churches. Its not because of Ministries like this on television, its because we have people on here who fail to take a inventory of themselves instead of everyone else. I remember I was dealing with an issue of sin and instead of people helping me out and praying for me, they were telling me what I was doing wrong and examining my behavior. My God is the only one that is going to change me, and not everyone is at the same walk with Jesus. Sure we need to talk about some things in order to take inventory on are own lives or ministries but have we forgotten that Prayer changes things. By the way Paula white is not a money monger and televangelist aren't going away. Thank God to because there are many good God fearing men doing a great job at presenting the Gospel.

    I just think instead of getting so mad at everyone why don't we do good to are neighbor today or a child that you know. If people started doing more about that then the media would pick up on it and we would be talking about that instead of what every televangelist is doing wrong. What about sharing stories of ministries that are in the media doing a good job? Are there any?

  • Mark Deckard


     Unity and non-judgementalism is always marched out as the standard defense for ministers who are UNREPENTANT. But if you want to apply scriptural standards, I challenge you to look up every instance God ordered His prophets to prophesy against the popular prophets of Israel. The castigation those celebrity prophets endured from God's holy men would have melted Paula's plastic lips off. Yet there is no one on the national stage of ministry with the guts to address this nonsense with God's word…I take that back, there is still a voice for God and his name is J. Lee Grady. He has a column in Charisma Magazine called "Fire In My Bones." You should take a look at that.

     This is why we are told that not many should presume to be teachers for they will be JUDGED by a stricter standard- not only by God, but also by man (both believers and unbelievers). Remember when Nathan said to David "Because of you Gods enemies have reason to blaspheme." Ministers who lift themselves to the heights of public view only to disgrace the gospel by thier own carnalality must accept thier discipline from the body of Christ.  

    For all of us to just sit by with our rose colored glasses on and just pray about it seems rather convenient to the  prematurly restored fallen preachers who want to bounce right back into the public eye so they can keep their cash flow healthy.

  • steve

    How many times has Paula or Randy been Married?And to who?

  • dawz

    When did name calling ever become a Christian standard. You can disagree and still have valid arguments but when you start calling people names then thats were I draw the line. Thats what little kids do. And what about David who was a man after Gods own heart but had someone killed and slept with someone elses wife. Did he step down as Leader of the nation. Nope I don't think so. And yea she might be wrong for not publicly coming out with an apology, but she has done alot of good for the Body of christ. Look at a persons ministry in full spectrum instead of what she has done recently. It could be you don't believe in her message and thats fine and you could also believe shes only in it for the money and thats fine 2 but BE A CHRISTIAN about things and stop being in first grade. I am a young guy and I don't respect comments from people who just call people names all the time.  

       oh and me and lee Grady don't always agree on things but I still respect him as individual and I'm not going to go bash him for his failure to see things straight. I do believe there are better ways in disagreeing with someones viewpoint then calling names. I don't know call me old fashion.