Insecurity – Do you (or someone you know) suffer from It?


Let’s talk about insecurity for a minute, because organizations around the world have employees (and leaders) who are riddled with it. Both religious organizations as well as Hollywood (interesting combination) are literally filled with people who suffer from insecurity. It’s a complex issue, and there are various resources available that cover the subject. The biggest problem for us is the chaos it creates in the workplace.


Nobody Cares About Your “Policy”

Talk to the hand

Kathleen and I are in Honolulu where I’m speaking at a international leadership event for the Salvation Army. If you know Kathleen, you know she can be rather direct sometimes. We decided to take a break today and go sit out by our hotel pool. It was hot, and when we got there, we noticed there were no umbrellas – except one. But it was closed. Kathleen went over to ask the pool manager if we could use it, and here’s the exchange:


What’s So Offensive About Proselytizing?


Everywhere you go these days people are complaining about proselytizers. “Don’t shove your views on me.” “Don’t tell me what you believe.” Some people have even been sued over it. But it’s interesting that the complaint only seems to happen when it comes to religion (specifically Christianity.) When you tell someone about why you love your new car, or why the new diet is changing your life, they’re happy to hear it.  And nobody complains when someone thinks Islam or Buddhism is wonderful.  But when Christianity transforms your life,


When Your Organization Won’t Change


Change is hard.  Changing a church or ministry is even harder – sometimes, nearly impossible.  And yet we all know that in today’s world of disruptive, 24/7 change, responding well is critical to our success.  Jesus chastised the religious leaders of his day because they couldn’t read the signs of the times.   And yet, today those signs seem to be rushing faster than ever.  As you struggle with your leadership team,  employees, donors, or members of your congregation to try to shift their thinking – and before you jump out a window in frustration – it’s good to have a reminder of the reasons people work so hard to resist change.   Figure out which of these applies to you, and how to overcome it, and you’ll be well on your way to seeing the birth of a transformed organization.  Here’s a few key reasons why people resist change:


Know The Difference Between “Con” and “Content”

Sleazy guy two thumbs up

One thing you’ll discover living and working in Hollywood is the number of film or TV “producers” who have never actually produced anything. How they make their living, I have no idea, but you see them all the time. Some are young and hopeful, trying to make their mark, but many are simply looking to make money – and will cut whatever corners necessary to make that happen. So as you navigate your career in the media or entertainment industry (and any other business for that matter) make sure you keep a sharp eye out for people pitching


Don’t Tell Me You Don’t Have Time to Pursue Your Dream


I hear it over and over again, “Phil, I’d love to write my book (or insert screenplay, make a movie, launch that business, etc..) but I just don’t have the time.”  We all seem so busy these days, how can we possibly find time to write, plan, or produce what we really dream about?  Believe me, I’ve heard it a thousand times.  In my case, back in my twenties and early thirties, when I worked for someone else, I solved the problem by coming into the office at 6am and getting a couple of hours of writing in before work started.  That’s why I


Are You Trying Too Hard to Get Noticed?

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One of the most important aspects of branding is being different – understanding that you’re unique. God has given you a DNA that’s all your own and to spend time trying to be like someone else only delays discovering who you really are. But some take that advice way too far. I saw an interview some time ago on Christian TV with a pastor who had refocused his entire ministry around