For 2012, Let’s Get Serious About New Year’s Resolutions:


Every year we make new year’s resolutions, and every year we forget them by March.  But what if we could actually make our goals happen?  What if we could actually stick with it?  To make resolutions work we have to first learn how to make change happen in our lives – how to embrace it, and how it use it to take us to the next level.  So this year, before you lock in resolutions, let’s study this list of how to position ourselves for change.  I’ll pulled these from my book “Jolt!” and I think they’ll help you in 2012: 

Many Adolescent Problems Linked to Media Exposure


More than 170 studies going back over 28 years have concluded that heavy media exposure — everything from TV to cellphones to computer games — increases the risk of adolescent obesity, smoking, sex, drug and alcohol use, attention problems and poor grades, according to a report released by Common Sense Media (CSM), a non-profit child advocacy group.  So we have to ask the question – what do we do with this information?  What do you think?

If You’re Reading This, Then STOP


Hey – it’s Christmas!  What are you doing reading my blog?  Now shut down the computer and get back to your family, friends, or whoever.   Read the Nativity story in the gospels.  Watch a classic Christmas movie.  Spend time with people you love – even if it means your mother in law or crazy uncle Bob.  Go.  Shut down cyberville and enjoy the real meaning of Christmas.

Stop Telling Me Your Intentions, and Start Showing Me Your Actions


I hear a lot of stories about people’s intentions.  “I’m going to make a film, write a book, or launch a company.”  What’s the old saying?  “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”  Yep, that’s right.  Everybody has intentions, but that won’t pay the bills or put food on the table.  I’m glad that you have good intentions – but the question is: 

Do We Have Too Many Ministry Divas?


This is a blog post I wrote a few years ago, but it’s worth bringing back because it’s just as relevant today:

Today, we’re seeing a real rise in what I would call “ministry divas.”  These are men and women who are pastors, or ministry or spiritual leaders who’s focus is more on themselves than the people they serve.  As a public service to our readers, the global research team at Cooke Pictures has developed a list of warning signs that someone might be a ministry diva.  The following warning signs can apply to either a man or a woman:

Is Great Leadership Just About Intelligence?


I’m all for brains.  We need smarter people in all walks of life.  I worked hard to get a Ph.D. because I believe in the power of intelligence.  But I wonder if we sometimes get so distracted by trying to be the “smartest guy in the room” that we forget real leadership isn’t all about brains.   Look at the people around you right now – chances are, if the building caught on fire, the person who stepped up to keep everyone calm, organize them, and lead them safely out won’t be the

Why “People Skills” Matter


Every day, gifted and talented people fail because they aren’t good at dealing with other people. I just finished a conversation with a CEO who has a creative director who’s dedicated and talented – but he just can’t get along with anyone. He alienates everyone, and as a result, people won’t listen to his ideas. No matter how great your thinking is, if you can’t communicate it to people who can help make it happen, then you’re heading toward failure. Social skills matter – especially in today’s digital, connected world. I see it in Hollywood everyday. Even in the entertainment industry, where it sometimes seems