The Illusion of Controlling Your Perception

One of the greatest myths that plague pastors and religious leaders today is that they can control their image, story, and brand.  I’ve worked with major pastors and ministry leaders all my life and heard everything:  what we can’t shoot or photograph, who gets access, who makes decisions, etc – all in an effort to tightly control their image and brand.  But in a digital world, that’s simply impossible.  Sure, I’m a branding advocate, and we can certainly INFLUENCE our brand story and I’m a strong believer in doing exactly that.  But as I say in my book “Branding Faith” a brand isn’t

More Scientists Believe in God Than You Think

For those of you who get worked up over the “science versus faith” argument, you’ll be pleased to know that the lastest Pew Research study reveals that 51% of scientists believe in God or a higher power, while 41% do not.  As reported in today’s Los Angeles Times, “Today, a century and a half after Charles Darwin published “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection,” the overwhelming majority of scientists in the United States accept

Ex-Haggard Counselor: We Wish He Would Not Do This

The Ted Haggard story continues to play out – sometimes in not so positive ways.  According to the Christian Post, A member of Ted Haggard’s now-defunct restoration team says he and the others wish the former megachurch pastor would have followed their counsel rather than doing what he is now.  After just 14 months, Haggard asked to end the team’s oversight of his recovery program despite the overseers’ belief that “the process of restoring … is incomplete.”  The story continues: Though Haggard claims that he has felt God’s touch in his life more in the past three years than in the previous 30, his decision to not only

In Spite of AFA’s Boycott, Gaps Profit Increases 25%

I wrote last week about the American Family Association’s Boycott against The Gap stores, and how poor it was from a strategic standpoint.  You can read that post for some background, but today, various news sources revealed that Gap’s profit has increased by 25% – so much that’s it’s doing a $500 million stock buyback.  If that’s not enough, the company is focused on increasing market share during the upcoming holidays.  This is exactly why boycotts are dubious at best, and need to be part of a well thought out strategy.  As I detailed in my last post, I really don’t see

The American Family Association Versus Gap: Why Boycotts are So Often a Bad Idea


The American Family Association has embarrassed themselves again over another boycott – this one against Gap.  The Mississippi-based ministry last week issued a boycott against Gap Inc. — the retailing giant whose brands include Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic.  They’ve called for a “two-month boycott over the company’s failure to use the word ‘Christmas’ in its advertising to Christmas shoppers.”  As the ministry says,

Turning Your Wound into Something of Value

I was reminded recently that a pearl actually comes from an oyster’s wound.  Pearls are formed inside an oyster’s shell as a defense mechanism to a potentially threatening irritant such as a parasite. When the injury happens, the pearl is produced to actually seal off the irritation.  The result is something rare and of great value.  I began to wonder how often we could be turning our wounds into something of value?  And yet we rarely do.  Most of us allow hurts and pain to continue irritating us for

I’m Presenting the 2010 NRB Reach Keynote Address

On Saturday, February 27 at NRB 2010’s Reach Keynote Session I’ll be presenting a new topic: “From Disruption to Destiny: Turning Crisis into Opportunity.”  It will be focused on how to transcend this very difficult period of cultural chaos that we’re in the middle of right now.  I’ve been working on a new book on how to survive and grow during radical periods of change, and I believe some insights that I’ve learned will have a dramatic impact on your life and the life of your organization.  I’d love to see you at the National Religious Broadcasters Conference next February.