The Triumph of Culture Over Politics

This is a must-read article in today’s Wall Street Journal by Lee Siegel on the a fundamental difference between how the Left and Right views the world.  In fact, from my perspective – and the perspective of this blog – it’s the single greatest key to understanding the rift between both parties.  It’s long, but it’s really worth the read.

Sarah Palin Has Gotten Under Their Skin


Like her or not – it’s interesting to see how the Left is reacting to John McCain’s choice for VP.  Rather than principled discussions of her ability, it’s interesting how much venom is out there. Stalwart feminist Gloria Steinem was the first to respond in the LA Times the morning after the announcement.  Now this article from Salon, really shows how much she’s gotten under their skin.  Forget political parties for a moment – I’m having fun watching the “shrill” button getting pushed in the national media…

Fundraising Success


When it comes to your ministry or non-profit organization, like it or not, an important aspect of successful fundraising is that it needs an enemy:  Sometimes that enemy is hunger…  Sometimes another need such as drugs, alcoholism, child abuse…  Even spiritual darkness..  It shouldn’t be individuals, but it can be a group such as drug dealers, human traffickers, child predators,  etc….  The question you need to think about is:

"Christian" Comedy?


Here’s an interesting article from Video Business about Christian comedy.  They asked me some interesting questions about what makes it “Christian”.  We just finished shooting “Thou Shalt Laugh III” hosted by Sinbad, and I’ll keep you posted as we finish up the project.  Let me know what you think of my comments here.

The Price of Chasing Influence


After my post about Australian Michael Guglielmucci’s two and a half year lie about having terminal cancer,  a few criticized the post because they felt I was trashing Michael and his attempt to get help.  So I wanted to be clear that whatever you feel about Michael’s deception, the post was really about what the pressure to get (and keep) attention can do to those in Christian leadership.  I would view evangelist Todd Bentley, or former pastor Ted Haggart the same way.  It’s not about condemnation.  Certainly we need to pray for anyone in these type of situations and help them find solutions and eventual restoration.  But then – we need to ask ourselves

Join Me at Power Lunch – at Prestonwood Church

If you in the Dallas area on Tuesday, I’ll be speaking at the monthly “Power Lunch” at Prestonwood Church in Plano.  I’ll be talking about personal branding – and how the principles of branding products and organizations can be applied to your own career.  I’d love to see you there.  And if you can’t come, forward this to someone you know in Dallas who would benefit.

The Risk of "Christian Celebrity"?

Australian Michael Guglielmucci’s story is an interesting case of the dangerous place that “Christian celebrity” can lead.  My friends in Australia tell me that he apparently hoodwinked the entire Christian community there, by lying about having terminal cancer for 2 ½ years.  No one knew – not even his wife.  His father’s a pastor from one of the larger Churches in the country, and he’s a leader there.  It’s a huge story among churches in the country.  His cancer story had a big run in the Adelaide paper (where his father’s church is) and ran on one national TV program and apparently thousands were praying for his healing.  As you’ll see in this video clip, he even appeared on the stage with what they now know was fake oxygen tubes.  Now, I’m told there might be criminal charges that he could face for fraud.  Watch the story.  The question becomes, “How far will some ministry leaders go to stay in the limelight?” I’ve written before about Juanita Bynum’s appearance on “Divorce Court” and her Youtube videos posted about her altercation with her former Bishop husband.  What happens when pastors and  ministry leaders get addicted to the attention?