Who Should We Call A Heretic?


One of the greatest challenges in Christian media today is trying to curb incorrect teaching.  You don’t have to hear religious radio or watch TV long to find some remarkable snafus when it comes to Biblical interpretation.  It’s not just who you might think – it’s a wide group that includes some TV evangelists, some word of faith teachers, and even some who you wouldn’t normally expect.   One of the great shortcomings of religious media is how little most TV pastors, teachers, and hosts value a serious Biblical education.  Certainly, education doesn’t solve everything – after all, colleges and universities have plenty of educated people who are pretty clueless when it comes to life. But I do 


Whose Priorities Are You Working On?


Sometimes, it’s good to take a step back and re-think priorities, and the first step is to decide whose priorities are important.  Someone once said that if you’re spending all day responding to email and answering your phone, then you’re spending the day dealing with other people’s priorities.   Here’s a few good reminders to get your priorities back in check:


The Financial Meltdown – A Lack of Leadership


When I picked up the LA Times and the Wall Street Journal this morning to read about the sorry state of the financial situation in America, my first thought was about poor leadership in the financial sector.  Certainly there are many complex issues in the mix, but as I read the timeline of how it happened, here were my thoughts:

1)    A great leader knows that when times are good – that’s the time to be thinking about potential problems. In the advertising industry we always say that when sales are good – that’s the time to advertise.  Because when sales are bad, it’s too late – the damage is done.  Great leaders are focused on the future.  When they get too occupied in running the day to day – that’s when they get into trouble, because they lose the 30,000 foot perspective.


The Triumph of Culture Over Politics

This is a must-read article in today’s Wall Street Journal by Lee Siegel on the a fundamental difference between how the Left and Right views the world.  In fact, from my perspective – and the perspective of this blog – it’s the single greatest key to understanding the rift between both parties.  It’s long, but it’s really worth the read.


Sarah Palin Has Gotten Under Their Skin


Like her or not – it’s interesting to see how the Left is reacting to John McCain’s choice for VP.  Rather than principled discussions of her ability, it’s interesting how much venom is out there. Stalwart feminist Gloria Steinem was the first to respond in the LA Times the morning after the announcement.  Now this article from Salon, really shows how much she’s gotten under their skin.  Forget political parties for a moment – I’m having fun watching the “shrill” button getting pushed in the national media…