If Your Organization Went Out of Business Tomorrow, Would Anyone Care?


Does your non-profit, church, or ministry provide such a unique experience that your congregation or supporters would be upset if it didn’t exist?  Does your church or non-profit treat its employees so incredibly well that those workers would not be able to find another employer to treat them that well?  Does your church or organization create such compelling emotional connections in your community or support base that they would


Did Your Pastor Participate in "Partisan Sunday"?


This past Sunday, more than 30 pastors used their pulpit time to endorse a particular candidate for president, in what it’s backers are calling “Partisan Sunday.”  It’s an attempt by the Alliance Defense Fund to break the IRS requirement that takes away the tax exempt status of churches who promote a particular candidate.  While many would say that African-American churches have been openly endorsing Democratic candidates for years, it’s something that has


The Church is Going Backwards – And It’s a Good Thing

There are two issues that I’ve been thinking a lot about recently, that in my opinion are moving the church backwards – in a positive way.  First – what I’m calling “The Open Media Revolution.” I just turned in a new book manuscript on the subject, and there are two things worth thinking about.  First – technology has given us the ability to interact with each other, and have a two way conversation – think Instant Messaging,  email, PDA’s, Twitter, texts, and more.  I grew up with media being one-way as in network television.  Whatever they showed, we watched – no questions asked.  Today, it’s different.  Second,


Wacky Religious Productions – There’s More!


For those of you who enjoyed the powerful presentation of “The Renewed Mind is the Key” I’ve discovered a cache of Christian hits that will change your life.  This is the absolute peak of religious media.  This is what I’ve worked for over these last 3 decades.  Check out this menu, and prepare to be amazed.  And maybe puke a little…


The Need to Be Liked


A pastor who’s a client of ours has the largest church in his city.  Recently, the local paper did a major story on the church, and although it was pretty positive, when the story was posted online, he was shocked at the number of really vicious and nasty comments from numerous anonymous online posters.   (Isn’t it interesting that the worst comments are always from people afraid to identify themselves?)

He asked me, “What about the critics?  That’s hurtful stuff.”  His wife told me how upsetting it was, and how challenging it is living in the public eye.  They asked me how they should deal with criticism:  “Do you just develop a thick skin and not care anymore?   We don’t want to get to that place, but we have to admit that constant sniping and criticism can wear us down.”


The Religious Aren’t Crazy – Apparently it’s the Atheists


Bill Maher (HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher) has produced a new documentary called “Religulous,” directed by Larry Charles (Borat), the purpose of which is to show that people of faith are pretty wacky. The only problem is the coincidental release of a comprehensive new study by Baylor University called “What Americans Believe.” Movie stars like Maher, Matt Damon, the cast of Saturday Night Live, as well as famous atheists like Richard Dawkins continue to make fun of the “weird” beliefs of Christians and other religious types, and are all convinced that


Who Should We Call A Heretic?


One of the greatest challenges in Christian media today is trying to curb incorrect teaching.  You don’t have to hear religious radio or watch TV long to find some remarkable snafus when it comes to Biblical interpretation.  It’s not just who you might think – it’s a wide group that includes some TV evangelists, some word of faith teachers, and even some who you wouldn’t normally expect.   One of the great shortcomings of religious media is how little most TV pastors, teachers, and hosts value a serious Biblical education.  Certainly, education doesn’t solve everything – after all, colleges and universities have plenty of educated people who are pretty clueless when it comes to life. But I do