The Difference Between Intention and Perception

One of the biggest criticisms I get at this blog is from people who mistake my criticism of an organization’s program, project, marketing, branding, or perception for my opinion of the organization’s integrity or intentions. The truth is, the two are very different things – although in a perfect world, they should be totally in sync. Many non-profit or religious organizations out there have the best of intentions, a passion to share a great message, and wonderful motivation. But the problem usually


Why Your Web Site Stinks

Ben Worthen has written an excellent guide to why most websites don’t work. He’s narrowed it down to four major areas, and believe me, he’s hit a chord. We sometimes forget that a successful website isn’t just about design. I’m a design guy, so that’s really important to me, but strategy is where the party really is. We have to make sure a web surfer can easily get around, and do what he or she came there to accomplish. Check out the article. It’s worth the read.

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