Why Your Web Site Stinks

Ben Worthen has written an excellent guide to why most websites don’t work. He’s narrowed it down to four major areas, and believe me, he’s hit a chord. We sometimes forget that a successful website isn’t just about design. I’m a design guy, so that’s really important to me, but strategy is where the party really is. We have to make sure a web surfer can easily get around, and do what he or she came there to accomplish. Check out the article. It’s worth the read.

China – Land of Poisoned Toys and Media Crackdowns


The LA Times reports today that a major media crackdown has been launched in China in the wake of embarrassing scandals, and in light of the impending Olympics. As the company opens up (a little), they’re finding out a free press is a real pain in the neck, so it’s better in their mind to shut it down. We’ve already seen major computer companies like Microsoft and Google filtering and censoring information for the Chinese government. Remember how you thought American Internet companies were the great new bastion of freedom? Apparently,